CDS Says Good Bye To Alladin

Oh my word, said Aladdin’s mum, what a lot has been happing recently. I’m not a washer woman anymore and my son, Aladdin, has married a Princess. I always said he would achieve great things. With the help of two ‘super, dooper. whooper’ Genies, Renee and Dave, a magic flying carpet, a ring and an old lamp our lives have been turned upside down!


Aladdin is a real rags to riches story and here at CDS we have had a wonderful time telling it to an audience of over a thousand people. Bringing the story to life for the most discerning of audiences our play for children is always a creative challenge for us. Everyone in the society is involved, if not on stage, behind the scenes, front of house or supporting in one of many ways.


We have had a great time with this play and are now looking forward to our next production, The Thrill Of Love by Amanda Whittington, in March. Look out for information about this play which we are performing as part of the Codsall Community Arts Festival.

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