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Month: April 2015

Well Done To The Cast & Crew of Alice!

  Read More

More Wonderlanders To Meet From Alice

It’s nearly time for the show to end. If you haven’t been to see it, here’s a flavour of what you’re missing! Read More

It’s Time To Meet Alice!

Today’s the day! Ladies and Gentlemen, the star of our show, Alice! Read More

You Can Feel The Tension For Alice…

It’s tomorrow! More pictures of the cast!     Read More

More of the Cast Of Alice!

It’s getting close to opening night, so here are more of our fabulous cast!       Read More

Alice is this week, have you got your tickets?!?

Better make sure you’ve got your tickets! The border control and the Queen of hearts may not take kindly to insubordination… Read More

Alice Is Getting Closer

Our production date for Alice draws near, so it’s time to meet some of our merry band of Wonderlanders and their confessions… Read More

More Alice Rehearsal pics!

I know these images might look like an April Fool, but they’re not. These are rehearsal shots from Alice, CDS’s Spring Production: Well, if you want to understand what’s going on here you need to get tickets to see Alice, book yours today! Read More